Maisie & Ellen { Portland Childrens Photography }

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Lisa Warninger; Portland Children’s Photographer


Delice & Lino { Portland Baby Photographer }

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Lisa Warninger; Portland Baby Photographer

Dream { Portland Photography }

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This image is part of a series I’m working on. At this time I’m not sure how to describe what the series means to me or why I’m working on it. I suppose I think every woman can relate to the mood in these images.

This image “Dream” I created as a platinum palladium print. Platinum is the most archival of any photographic process. Actual platinum is used instead of the silver in the black and white prints we see today, and has an amazing range of tonality. Since platinum printing is so rare every print must be meticulously created by hand. The artist must first go through a series of processes to create a negative specific to the platinum medium, then the paper is created by hand where the platinum emulsion, which later becomes the image, is brushed onto a special watercolor paper with a paint brush. Platinum palladium prints are so beautiful… I am so inspired when I see them, they just seem like magic.

Portland has an excellent artist working in platinum, collect his work at Ray Bidgegain

To learn more about Platinum check out the John Stevenson Gallery in New York:

Lisa Warninger; Portland Fine Art Photographer

Sunday Morning { Portland Photography }

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Lisa Warninger; Portland Fine Art Photographer

Blueberries { Portland Photographer }

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Lisa Warninger; Portland Fine Art Photographer

Tuberose { Portland Photographer }

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Lisa Warninger Photography

Lisa Warninger; Portland Fine Art Photographer

Lime { Portland Photographer }

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Lisa Warninger; Portland Fine Art Photographer

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