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August 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

Preview: Sauvie Island


Sauvie Island

Photographer: Lisa Warninger

Wardrobe and Prop Stylist: Rebecca Westby

Model: Kayla Koffa



August 14, 2009 § 5 Comments

havaneseMeet Samahani, his name means ‘excuse me’ in Swahili…it’s a little long so I usually just call him Hani. We don’t run into many Havanese doggies at the dog park and most people who ask about him have never heard of his breed. I thought I’d share a little about them.


-don’t shed. He has hair, it would grow forever if I didn’t cut it. I keep him in the shorter puppy cut.

-are very happy and playful. Hani darts from room to room at breakneck speed, apparently it’s a breed trait, and it’s hilarious.

-don’t bark… well not often. Hani’s very quiet, so quiet most people forget he’s around.

-learn easily. Training him is pretty easy, being consistent is hard. Right now he’s learning ‘dance’ which for him means leaping into the air and doing a full spin. It’s pretty cute. He’s also learning to heal next to me off leash. He’s doing well, I can trust he’ll stay by me.

-they were bred as companion dogs and they love most people, good with children and other pets. He used to share his food with the neighbor cat. Hani does well being left alone for a few hours a day, but the breed doesn’t do well being left for long days alone. They really should be around people most of the time.

-are small but sturdy dogs, most are around 15lbs, Hani is only 10 lbs… so it’s easy for me to take him everywhere. I can carry my groceries, camera, purse, and the dog.

Read more about them: Here

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